So many of you have emailed or telephoned to check the status of my health.  Both my husband and I want to express our sincere appreciation for your concerns.  "Thank you". 

As many of you know, in December 2013 I started having difficulty swallowing.  My diet became ridiculous eating mostly fried foods as they seemed to be the easiest to get down and fluid was almost impossible which led to kidney issues and weight gain.  Immediately after closing the Tea Cozy I had my Thyroid removed. My surgeon, Dr. Dunn at Sansum Clinic is amazing. I hardly have a scar.  But after surgery, I was still having issues and the insurance would not approve medicine costing $900 therefore I had to search for other options. In December 2015, I began taking Digestive Enzymes and shortly thereafter eating Candied Ginger and drinking Morrocan Mint tea. (As many of you know I don't like ginger or mint.)  But let me tell after a few weeks I started loving them and my acid reflex issues finally started to subside and in late January I stopped taking the prescribed antacids and have been able to gradually add many foods back into my diet.  I'm happy to say that I am able to drink tea and water again.  There are many articles I have found on the internet explaining all the wonderful benefits of Ginger.  It is now part of my regular diet and I eat one slice with every meal and nibble on another slice if I think acid reflex or heartburn might be near.  I just want to share that you don't have to take those harmful antacids...give Ginger a try! Even without the Digestive Enzymes Ginger works!

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