My story….

My parents were self-employed hard-working, ethical individuals and raised me in a small town in California, but unfortunately they divorced when I was 14. At the age of 16, I was ready to conquer the world therefore; I graduated early, got married and entered the workforce.  I was determined to climb the ladder. But I endured tough times along the way. Divorce. I became a sole-providing single mother. Death. Several businesses I worked for closed. Unemployment and welfare. I would never have dreamed it could happen to me, but it did. During tough times I stood in line for government surplus and so thankful it was there. Get up and keep going, I wanted the American Dream. 

Work harder, keep going, save money. I needed my own independence from the traditional workforce and in 2010 my dream was coming true; I bought the Tea Cozy in Cambria, CA. A quaint and charming little tearoom and gift shop. To my excitement business continued to grow every year. I was doing something right. My hard work was paying off.

However, my health became a concern and consequently I made the most difficult decision in my life because I loved the Tea Cozy and knew how special it was for so many customers, but I chose to close, take care of myself but continue to sell tea online. 

I have set new goals and I hope that you, my customers, will help me achieve them. 

It’s really simple….buy tea, drink tea, tell others and come back and shop at


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